Attitude Assessment

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If a close friend were to describe you, how accurate would the following statements be?

1 - Not accurate | 2 - Slightly accurate | 3 - Moderately accurate | 4 - Very accurate | 5 - Extremely accurate


1. Keep going when there is adversity—for example, you will go back out for a sport after not getting picked for a team the first time around or keep applying to graduate school after being rejected by many.

2. At ease talking about how difficulties are a part of learning, for example, after they miss a promotion, “Sometimes you don’t get it right the first time.”

3. Would describe yourself as “someone who sticks with it,” “not a quitter,” or “a tough person.”

4. Talk with ease about how not everyone is perfect and can discuss mistakes made by someone who they admire. For example, “LeBron’s team lost to Dallas in the final in 2011, but he worked hard and won the next year."

5. Talks about past mistakes with ease—for example, “Man, I was terrible at public speaking when I started, but I've gotten a lot better.”