Strengths Assessment

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If a close friend were to describe you, how accurate would these statements be?

1 - Not accurate | 2 - Slightly accurate | 3 - Moderately accurate | 4 - Very accurate | 5 - Extremely accurate

Verbal Skills

1. Embraces opportunities to talk to large groups of people — e.g., want to be in a play, get up onstage, or are comfortable speaking to a large group at a family reunion..

2. Is at ease while talking to a group, smiling and appearing happy and very calm while talking.

3. Can speak without notes to a group, remembering everything that needs to be communicated.

4. Seeks out and quotes dialogue from films or other media, repeating entire sections verbatim.

5. Describes remembering events in terms of a verbal record of what happened, as though it was a radio program or a speech.