Dyslexia - Potential Indicators

Below is a lightweight checklist of potential indicators of dyslexia. If you have checked several of the items above, you may wish to discuss these with your healthcare provider and consider requesting an evaluation by a professional trained in identifying dyslexia and other learning issues.  This instrument should not be used as a replacement for a professional evaluation.  If you identify yourself as an adult dyslexic or an adult with other learning disabilities, knowing information about your unique profile and patterns of strengths and weaknesses will help you to determine what you need as you begin to self-advocate and reach out to others for support.

If you would like to download a PDF copy of this checklist you may do so from our Tools Page under Dyslexia Indication Checklist, Potential Indicators of Dyslexia - http://headstrongnation.org/adults/tools,  and while you are there, please feel free to check out the other resources that we offer.  Thanks!

Headstrong Nation potential indicators of dyslexia form

Headstrong Nation

Potential Indicators of Dyslexia

(Please check those items which apply)


o I read text slowly. 

o I need to re-read content for understanding. 

o  I have difficulty following written instructions. 

o  I have difficulty comprehending what I’ve read.

o  I have difficulty reading and understanding technical language. 


o  I have difficulty retaining what I’ve read.



o  I have difficulty with spelling words.

o  I reverse letters when I write.

o  I mix up the order of the letters in a word.

o  I have difficulty filling in forms and completing applications.

o  I have difficulty taking notes and often cannot read what I’ve written.

o  I have difficulty using conventions such as punctuation and grammar.

o  I have difficulty organizing and expressing my thoughts clearly in writing


Numbers and Mathematics

o  I have difficulty listing and/or organizing numbers.

o  I have difficulty copying numbers.

o  I have difficulty performing basic mathematical calculations.



o  I have difficulty remembering left from right or up from down. 

o  I have a weak sense of direction and difficulty following directions with sequencing.



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