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We are putting together a set of programs, webinars and events that will allow us to take Headstrong Nation's ideas and bring them directly to you.

Want to learn more about being an empowered, successful dyslexic? Or about how to build your own dyslexic toolkit?

Take a moment and visit our Events page. You can fill out a form if you want to be contacted when we kick off our first event or webinar. There's also a place to share your ideas and preferred topics with us. Thank you!

Lime Connect is a not-for-profit that is embracing a new way of thinking around disabilities. They've dedicated themselves to improving the workplace by attracting, preparing, and connecting high-potential students and alumni who happen to have disabilities with scholarships and internships.

Another great mind shares his story.

Richard Branson knew his life would be uncoventional from day one.

Eye to Eye's Camp Vision happens San Francisco and Keene, NH, from August 12-16 and provides an amazing opportuntiy to build community between LD mentors and mentees. From Eye to Eye: "Camp Vision gets campers excited about their unique abilities and teaches new skills to increase self-confidence and self-advocacy, so that they re-enter school in the fall with an entirely new outlook."

Decoding Dyslexia (DD) is passionate, grassroots movement of parents who want to change the dyslexia game. The organization is a collection of state chapters and they offer amazing resources for approaching your state's government, connecting with other parents and working with your school. At our last count there were 33 state chapters 50 state chapters and four Canadian provinces registered. Learn more about Decoding Dyslexia here or do a quick Google search to see if your state has a chapter.

The Decoding Dyslexia Movement was started in New Jersey and you can read about the early beginnings of the the NJ chapter and the later Decoding Dyslexia National organization here. You may also learn about using the Decoding Dyslexia name to start your own state chapter here.

During a July, 2013 webinar hosted by Learning Ally, parents across the nation and experienced moms Deborah Lynam, Liz Barnes and Kathy Stratton - all parents and co-founders of the fast-growing Decoding Dyslexia movement - discussed how to become better advocates for their dyslexic children. The panel also highlighted the power of networking and communication - sharing an inside look at how Decoding Dyslexia has become a national force for parental advocacy and systemic change. The event is about an hour long.

You Are Not Alone from Learning Ally on Vimeo.

Our brains become more active when we listen to stories. Turn on text to speech and get the whole scoop here. (Of course, we've known this forever but it's nice when science catches up.)

We were excited to have two Bens from Headstrong together recently. Check out Ben Foss's presentation at Ben Powers' school here.

Imagine that you are standing inside a soundproof studio facing a three hundred and forty page book. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to read this book aloud—clearly and confidently—with no mistakes, while you are watched and recorded.

This was Headstrong Nation founder Ben Foss's task as he set out to make an audio recording for his book. As you can imagine, he encountered a few challenges. Here's a quick peek inside the process of making an audio book, dyslexic-style.

Headstrong fellow Steve Walker shares how he discovered entrepreneurship through...gunpowder.