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Hey schwabbies- what do you think- could some of u find a home here- I like the color and format- more what we are use to- and the audio piece is a great added benefit I think. Let me know if you visited.

Hello Lawmomnow,

I’m a new schwaby. I think it is great! LOVE the audio piece. I visited and joined. Heard about this sight late at night on PBS.

Julie K.

Hi, Julie King
Welcome, glad to meet a new Schwabbie here. I am a fellow Schwabbie too. What was on PBS—was it a documentary, tagline, or promotional advertisement? Just curious.

You might also find these site to be useful:

The program was on teaching, really late at night. Thanks for the other sites. Nice to meet you! Julie

Schwabbie here too. I just found this site and I’m impressed! I really liked the movie…brought tears to my eyes.

Aloha from a Schwabbie,
Found the site a while ago but didn’t see the forum until recently. nice! I loved the movie too! Can’t say how many times i thought growing up in my add-in ways that if i just tried harder that I could do it! I love That I can help my 2E dyslexic kids now! Love the site!


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