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I am a student in college right now and I have struggled with math all of my life. I have no other issues in learning (reading included) but when I look at math equations I have trouble understanding what it is even asking. I have never encountered someone else who has this much of an issue in math (without other learning issues), so I am reaching out to this community in hopes that someone might be able to help.

Is this a real learning disability?
Can I get help for it?
If so, how?

My math professor says that if I am tested for a learning disability the only help that he is aware of me being able to get is someone to read the test to me. I need more help than that, somehow.

As I am an art education major, I am required some six hours for it and I am unable to complete basic math.

Can anyone help?

You can search the internet for help .you will find a few sites that are run by orgarisations specialising in helping people with dyslexia.these are mostly in the UK and u have to pay for help I have no idea about how effectie they may be.I find them to be expensive so i have not sought their help.

Mercedes S.,

Hello, I’m new. I have a lot of trouble with the simple stuff but have an AA in math and a BS in Computer Science! I worked most of the time as a nurse, BSN.

Always tell any teacher you have a learning disability!!!

When you talk to your teacher, show him/her a “cheat sheet” you would like to use during tests. Look at what gets in your way the most and add it in logical order to your sheet. This is important. Math is mostly logic, every discipline has it’s rules. Example:

Operations: +, -, x, (divide symbol), (exponent symbol), (base symbol)
Sets: all the symbols in this category that you have trouble with
Order of importance: base, (), x, divide, +, -, exponent
Rules, theorems: name - a few words that help you remember what it is. name - a few words that help you remember what it is.

Of course, create it for your needs! Also, bring a ruler to keep your unit columns straight to all classes. When the teacher sees exactly what you are asking for and how much work you did to prepare for a test, I am sure he will realize the problems you may have. He may not understand, but it will assure him you are not asking to get a free ride. Also, always ask if you can do work for extra credit, aside from tests. If you can, great! Offer to do a project about helping children learn this math who have dyslexia, as you are an expert!

I worked as a computer programmer for a company which “adopted a school”, the hour was for helping the teachers. I told then I had dyslexia and offered to help and/or assess any children they wanted. One child just needed glasses! The school put in a request for me to come twice a week I had so many kids and teachers knowing what great wisdom(?) I had to bestow. As a nurse, I could recommend evaluations but also the teachers wanted a “primer” on disabilities, non physical. I put together a talk for them and they loved it!

I high school we used to get two grades on every English paper content over spelling and grammar (or Content/(spelling + grammar)). I always got an F in (spelling + grammar) but since I would help slower students as extra work, they threw out the F.

Good Luck, Julie K.

Mercedes S.,

Forgot to mention. Einstein was dyslexic! Julie

To my undstanding, Dyslexia is a reading/decoding disability. Most people with dyslexia are good in math because it is less words (hense Einstein). There is a disability in math call dyscalculia. You may want to look into that!


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