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I’m looking forward to hearing feedback about the new Headstrong website and our first film. What do you think? Let me know.

thank you for putting this site and video together. i have searched for resources and information about dyslexia but it is hard to come by. thank you. i was diagonised when i was a junior in college, not long ago, and im still not sure what do now that i know.

Thanks you! I just watched your film with my 13 year old son who is dyslexic. Many of the remarks made in the film touched home. My son and I both gain strength knowing that there are others out there just like him, who struggle everyday to overcome challenges.

I am a ‘high-functioning’59 year-old woman with dyslexia and discalula. The horror stories I could tell you about a lifetime of this disability are legion, however, that is not why I am writing.
Yesterday, I spoke with only the second adult I’ve ever known who has dyslexia. It was a comfort and revelation to me. Last night, just before going to bed, I found the PBS documentary about the Initiative for Learning Identity. What an eye opener.
At this ripe old age, I’m again in school, this time as a graduate student at East Tennessee State University. My masters degree focus is the world of storytelling and for the first time I told my story, Third Grade Drama Queen, to a group and found it to be empowering. It is about my experience with dyslexia and discalcula and survival.
Good luck to all - there is life out here and it can be pretty good.

Excellent documentary! Finally something about dyslexia by dyslexics. After spending my entire public school career in special education with Dysgraphia. It was a difficult documentary to watch stirs up all those old emotions and wounds. I always wonder why we treated so badly. Difficult enough living in a world with prodigy worship. I still don’t know how to deal with all the sly comments I hear from colleagues regarding people who have difficulty with reading or/and writing. It would be nice to get a community going I’m willing to help

I am a 39 year old dyslexic attorney in Miami/Ft. Luaderdale. what can I do to help? Just don’t ask me to write a brief.

As a 38 year old computing degree student I related to your documentary 100%. Good work we need more of this to help us and others understand.

the torrent for the file can be downloaded from http://www.mininova.org/search/?search=dyslexia

Fantastic idea and fantastic film! I’ve been teaching Special Ed for about 10 years. Currently I work with high school students in job placement and other life skills, such as advocacy. I just loved the analogy you used with that student, “When you say ‘I’m going to try harder and focus more,’ is like a person in a wheelchair saying ‘I can walk up the stairs by trying harder and focusing more,’” I’ve been saying that for years with my students, but not quite as effectively. Can I borrow that?

ok well I have some info I have come found on how
to get around the web with dyslexia
one is to use the web browser (Firefox) there is a
add on called ( speak it) it has helped me tons
basicly if I can highlight text it will read it to me in a computer voice…
also there are other freeware programs out there
btw verry good program

Wow Ben, At 4:00 a.m., I just finished watching your powerful film. I was deeply moved by your intelligent, clear sense of purpose and the lives you are changing.
I too, am on the “lysdexic” spectrum. So much of what we do is a fearful cover-up of disability. You demonstrated the importance of self disclosure to others to help minimize misunderstanding. Was also struck by the fact that we can’t explain it, so it makes it hard to help others help us.

I just saw your wonderful program last night on PBS, and I tried to get my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to watch it as well, but they don’t get a PBS station, so they missed it. Both of them struggle with LD’s, just like my husband (Sister - Dyslexia, brother & husband - ADHD). I really liked your program, and I want to try to get a copy for them to view. Do you know when it might be airing again? I think it would help them grow in confidence, as they are both trying to progress in their education. I really want them to succeed, especially my sister-in-law. She wants to be a veterinarian.

Ben , I am the mother of a college student,kate,she had stuggled with dyslexia her whole life. She is determined to well in college she does have accomidations in place but still there are the instructors who have never had a dyslexic student and are baffled by her presence in their class. Do you have any insights that might help her?also any tools that you use that might be helpful.

Well Peggy I am not Ben But I also have a Bachelors
one thing I had tried was to explain it to the teachers by saying that dyslexia was a disability that you could not see like Epilepsy…
also a bit of info
has a good program
good luck..

Hi- I watched your film again and liked it alot. I am 10 years old and I want to help. I like to talk about dyslexia- but don’t know what to do to get involved and others involved. My mom- lawmom- is typing this for me. Where do we go from here, Mr. Foss. Let me know.

Hi, Ben Just wanted to let you know that I watched the film and cried several times. I’m originally from Florence,AL across the river from Sheffield AL where Joe Stutts lives. This movie was so emotional for me because I only learned how to read when I was twenty six years old.

Growing up, I had a hard time in school for I had a learning disability. I was held back in the first, fourth, fifth this led to me not succeeding in school--dropping out in the eight grade reading level of a second grader.  After dropping out of school, I ended up working washing dishes, waiting tables and working in a factory. I never imagined that I would learn how to read or write until fourteen years ago when I arrived in San Francisco. My therapist suggested that I go to “Project Read”, an illiteracy program thru the San Francisco Library, which they provided me with a tutor. He worked with me for three years to teach me how to read where I could take my GED, and pass after passing I started attending C.C.S.F. where I received my associate degree, finished my BA in psychology at SFSU, and now I'm in grad school to become a Marriage Family Therapist. This as been an amazing journey and would have never imagined this without the help of others. I feel that other people who are out feeling down and out  do not realize that there is someone out there same as them. 
Sorry about the long message, I would love to be an advocate for people with disabilities. If you have any suggestions let me know. Also, I am doing a class presentation in two weeks on Dyslexia and I am planning on showing part of the film. If you have any suggestion for my presentation let me know. Once, I finish my grad degree I am planning on writing a book and lecturing to others with disabilities.

Congratulations on a stellar website. The documentary is beautiful. Thank you!

I am the mother of a 23-year-old dyslexic woman who is right now on an airplane hoping to drop off a grad school application on time. I know, most of us just mail them in, but while reviewing her app early this morning, she realized that she had MISREAD the directions! It had to be IN THE OFFICE at at the university today, not just POSTMARKED today! These things that happen to most of us only once in a blue moon, are commonplace for her.

I’ve been so touched by the struggle that those of you with dyslexia and/or ADHD endure that I’ve gone back to grad school to study reading development and dyslexia. I am learning as much as I can. Count me in on this fight!

Well, in my own dyslexic way, I finally found my way back to this website. I joined some time ago, but I was busy with graduate school, failed to keep it up and lost the contact. I fumbled around and sent Ben a really odd email, went back to my junk filter and there it was - my access info. Ah, it can be a curse to be so impatient with oneself. All this to say, degrees can be earned even when one seems to walk on the outside edge of what everyone expects. Good Luck.

Hello my Name is kerrie, and im from ireland. Im am in my final year in college training to be a chemistry teacher. I only found out last year that i was dyslexic, been a teacher i was a bit shocked. I have since become very interested in dyslexia and for my final year i am doing a project on facilitating students with undiagnosed learning difficulties. I am in the process of making a chapter form a chemistry book dyslexic friendly. i was wondering if people could e-mail me der storys on been dyslexic and how it has affected der lifes as im am trying to make a strong arguement that more needs to be done or hidden dyslexics, to avoid them slipping through the education net!! look for ward to hearing back.

Firefox change “Speakit” to a part of a toolbar called “Asseccibar”. It needs a download of a Java application.

Love this site! Thanks, Julie King

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