wow what a show 1 Reply

Wow, how very powerfule your show was for me, i actually cried too….

I too have struggled. Reading has always been impossible for me and i never could read or write well at all…..

I went to LSU BAton Rouge and acutally gradutated from the Business School wt a BS in Accounting, yes accounting.

I eventually was first diagnosted as dyslexic and dysgraphic as a juinor in collge, i was very smart and doing well in my classes but english was the one that got me all the time. The testor could not belive that i had over achived via my ablity to absorbe information in nontraditional ways. She was very suprrised that i acutally made it all the way to a junior in college, I was told that I was so smart that this was why and how i did it, but i never really ever felt smart.

I ended up working in the insurance business and have achieved a great deal of suceess.

I obtained my CPCU, CIC and other high level insurance designations.

If my story would be good for ILI, please contact me at any time. I would be glad to help be a postive role modle for anyone you might thik would like it.

Keep up the good work.

Michael T Misuraca

I watched the show with my daughter. she has struggled for years while I have fought school system after school system with lawyers if need be. We are currently batteling with a school official who wants her to just get a “Certifiacte of Completion”. She wants to attend college and become a professor of art. Last night’s show has given her the will to fight for herself and the glimmer of where to start. She and I will be on here a lot.
Tory’s mom Melinda


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