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I have been struggling with dyslexia for a long time but have been only diagnosed by the age of 17. My parents were in a total shock since it is a ‘disability’ and they believe my result was just good enough.

I didn’t know what was dyslexia myself until few months ago. I did not want to believe that I was dyslexic so i didn’t even care enough to inform my univeristy even.

My school did offer me a dyslexia testing but all I was provided was the extra time of 15%, which was about 20 mintues. While I was watching your video, I absoloutely agreed with the fact that even I am given extra time, I cannot do well in exam because I don’t understand the material well even there is more time given.

I am majoring BA Politics from this year and pretty frightened to be honest…. I am not from USA or Britain, where I am going continue my studying.

I may not have been diagnosed with dyslexia if i was studying in my country since there isn’t any support or specialist here. I was even told that they can fix this by taking pills since my dyslexia was caused by chemical imbalance.

I believe those pills are nothing more than temporary and anti-depression pills as I have been suffering from depression before.

I always have been suffering because the world seemed so harsh on me. Even I tried the best of myself, I wouldn’t get the something I want in terms of academia.

I am impressed by the resources and supportive attitude in America about dyslexia and hope that I would be provided with better quality of support at my unvieristy later on.

I am currently considering to change my subject to Fine Art since I have always been interested and Politics in univeristy seems … ah, what can i call this, too much for me.

I started to dislike myself while i was reading books about politics this summer since I could not digest the information anytime I was stressed by other things such as my mood, just made me feel like a complete idiot, which I know is a wrong thing to do to myself.

I am glad to see the greatful cases of other people with same disability and hope to accept myself as well.

I am very unstable right now due to the fact that I am not sure what to do about the major. I am not sure I can do well with it, in terms of questioning myself whetehr I have a talent in theatre (as in acting) or fine art. I think remembering lines will be a lot of trouble for me though..

I hope discovering about dyslexia won’t make me a person who gives up things so easily blaming it on the disablity.

I still can’t forget a day while i was taking an exam and my examiner told me that dyslexia is nothing more than me telling myself that I have a disability so that I will be excused for troubled works at school. This hurt me so much, which is probably why i gave up on taking extra time even.

I hope my confused story won’t be irritating anyone. :p I am just lost..

Hey Olivia,

I was in a similar situation to yourself. I discovered i was dyslexic when i was in third year in college. I was gutted and really embarrassed as i was training to be a teacher. But i did loads of research and discovered dyslexic is not a disability its a gift. It motivated me more in college as i didnt want to have the label of disability hanging over me. They were very good and i got a spelling and grammar wavier.This helped me loads and in my final year i did my thesis on Dyslexia and i change alot of peoples opinions about dyslexia. I am now a very successful chemistry/Physic and maths teacher and am starting my Phd in Special education focusing mainly on dyslexia. There is no cure , but i promise you it is a gift, i would not be were i am today if i had not been diagnosed. The only difference between you and your class mates is that you have to study that lil bit harder. But it will be worth it….. Sure Einstein was dyslexic and he is the definition of Intellegence.. Ha Ha….. Speak to your college and get yourself out of the mind frame that dyslexia is a disability…. Your Dyslexic and you should be proud… Best of luck with your study’s .. Your going to do great…. Dont let anyone put you down.. I was always put down and told i was stupid and when i graduated with a 1:1 i posted my degree to all the teachers who had ever put me down.. Ha Ha …. Best of Luck



My heart goes out to you. You are going through one of the most important phases of dyslexia, recognizing you are different than the majority of people and integrating that into your self.

You saw me go through some of that struggle in the film on this website. You can follow the same path, getting tools, learning to talk to people about it.

To Kerrie’s point, you have tremendous capabilities—look how far you have made it.

I take a slightly different view on the term ‘disability’. For me, disability is a powerful term. It is claim to a rights and resources that will give me a chance to play on an equal field. Just as someone who has vision loss or a someone who is deaf needs different tools to be successful, LD people like us need tools, such as talking computers and books on tape to compete. In this case, the term ‘disability’ provides legal context to get those resources.

If you are in the UK, I recommend you contact British Dyslexia Association - www.bdadyslexia.org.uk - there is a 5,000 pound grant for students with LD in the UK to get tools and your disability status will allow you to secure these funds. Give them a ring on their Helpline: 0845 251 9002 to get more information.

Most of all, you are great. Feel the pain of your past experience past, but embrace the hope of the future here—you will get tool and a degree and help others like us. Please share this site with others and we’ll change this world.


Hi Olivia
first I would like you to say that I agree with the whay of thinking that Dyslexia (LD) is just a diffrent whay of learning
By the way I found out about my dyslexsia when I was
in 1 grade but at that time it was oh by the you have dyslexia ….
I guess what I am trying to say is I understand and
to stand up and fight for your dreams it took me from 1986 to 1998 to get my BS
mark dullnig
btw I am sorry if thisis hard to falow just e-mail me and I will straten out any miss understandings


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