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My daughter is suffering from deafness, dyslexia and dyscalculia since the age of 3years. She is now 15years old. We live in India where the facilities for the education of such children are not easily available.
Please guide me how I can give her my best so that she will be able to cope with the realities in the real world.

well let met just start saying my suggestions
are using a calculator and reading to her as she reads along I personally do not like the method of
forcing Dyslexic just to do it .
it is a bit like taking a cane away from a blind man

I hope that helps


I have severe dyslexia—from the inability to retrieve words from memory to the inability to remember 5 numbers in a row or doing math in my head, also if I learn a word spoken I may not recognize it in print. Simple math is a problem because I other switch numbers. My checkbook is pitiful! Spellchecker is a blessing!

I am happy to say I have a very good educational experience anyway. I am 54 years old. The dyslexia was not diagnosed until I was a Senior in college. I got a BSN in nursing—several of my teachers suggested I try for medicine but the memorizing was impossible. I loved it but got an immune disease while working renal dialysis and had to change careers. I went back to college and in one year got a BS in computers and became a computer programmer/analyst. Science makes sense to me, but still even a a short story can be a challenge! To many names or location and forget it, county/country, mountain/maintance, Mary/many, etc.

A software product has been very helpful. It reads aloud and I can follow the words on the page. It also has helpful features—it can ‘highlight’ a line of words in any item on the computer screen and can read a webpage if the can downloaded into the Acrobat Reader or Microsoft products (excel in particular for numbers, guess where my checkbook is now!).

ClaroRead (Claro Software Ltd.) is based in England. It is expensive, I think, but a great investment.

From their latest update email:
For a summary of ClaroRead’s main advantages, download the ClaroRead 2008 Product Overview PDF DataSheet. You can download an updated ClaroRead Comparison Chart showing the main features differences in ClaroRead Standard (£129), PLUS (£159) and Premium (£259). ClaroRead Premium is £259 and includes the ClaroRead mobile USB stick. All versions of ClaroRead include ScreenRuler and ClaroView. [Also has Mac products.]

From there website:
“ClaroRead PLUS 2008” has been developed to help PC users of all capabilities create, read, view, check and scan text. Incorparating the world-leading RealSpeak™ Solo text-to-speech voices, you can have text spoken back and highlighted from virtually anything on your PC screen.
We are delighted to offer educational pricing. Please note, we require the name of the School, College or University for our records when completing the order.
“Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional” is the ideal solution for busy corporate professionals to create documents and emails, fill out forms, and streamline workflow tasks - all by speaking.

Claro Software Ltd.
Lancashire House, 24 Winckley Square,
Preston, Lancashire, England, PR1 3JJ

Hope this helps, Julie Virginia, USA

Hello again,

Sorry, the deafness did not register when I read your message before. However, there are many picture books and signing resources. I still suggest you contact Claro as they may give you some more ideas.

There are many websites that offer free translations of your file and websites that you can select the language in which you can view the site.

More money, but the ability to sees others online (as in webcam) may make it easier for her to view and be viewed by other people. Before doing this you may want to check website communities for the deaf and what type of learning programs that are available on line. I have a friend that signs with people online she met through an online signing class.

Again, best of luck, Julie VA, USA


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