Mother of a dyslexic child 2 Replies

What a great site! All the info provided has taken me years to accumulate - some the hard way!

My daughter loves to talk about her dyslexia - but most people don’t understand it at all. She was very excited to watch your program and know that there are very successful people who have it. She is finishing 7th grade - with OK grades and we have several accomodations in place. She wants to be a chef when she grows up - so a tech school will be no problem for her.

My question is - do you think that constant and numerous repetition of words actually helps a dyslexic? That’s the old way of tutoring. And I also have the Barton Reading & Spelling System (which we need to do more work in) but she does get frustrated alot and won’t read out loud. She really likes school and manages to get the “gist” of what she is reading. We have the Dragon Naturally Speaking - but it seems so frustrating to her to input all the words. Anyways, we are going to try and teach her to type this summer. ButI’m wondering if there is anything else that we should be doing to help her?

Any suggestions would be great. thanks for your time.


My daughter too has an interest in cooking. She is in the 6th grade. She did well using Barton. We also have Kurzweil and Dragon. We have been encountering the same problems with Dragon. If you come up with something that works, please let me know.

Take care.

My daughter likes to cook, as well. She is a 6th grader. Barton Reading and Spelling was a life saver. If not for that instruction, she would have been retained in 3rd grade. My daughter uses Kurzweil and Dragon. We have had the same issues with Dragon. So if you find something that works to make Dragon less frustrating to use, please share.


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