Strengths Assessment

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How accurate is each of the following statements about your child?

1 - Not accurate | 2 - Slightly accurate | 3 - Moderately accurate | 4 - Very accurate | 5 - Extremely accurate

Verbal Skills

1. Embraces opportunities to talk to adults or large groups of kids—e.g., wants to be in the school play, gets up onstage, or is comfortable speaking to a large group at a family reunion.

2. Is at ease while talking to a group, smiling and appearing happy and very calm while talking.

3. Has a large vocabulary, easily using in conversation new words she encounters.

4. Seeks out and quotes dialogue from films or cartoons, repeating entire sections verbatim.

5. Describes remembering events in terms of a verbal record of what happened, as though it was a radio program or a speech.