Peggy Stern, Filmmaker, CEO of

Peggy is an Academy Award-winning producer and director whose work in film and new media explores personal stories that reflect larger cultural, political and societal issues. A Harvard graduate, Peggy has a particular interest in education and childhood development, informed by her own lifelong experience as a dyslexic. This has led her to create, an innovative web-based forum, Redefining the dyslexia experience for young dyslexics, parents, teachers and advocates. Using the power and beauty of storytelling (through interactive digital media) D-Ville will inspire creativity, boost confidence, and provide a supportive community for the next generation of dyslexics. Check out the Super d! Show videos on Dyslexiavilles's YouTube channnel! The Super d! Show is a new web series from Dyslexiaville, created for and by kids with dyslexia and other learning differences. Great Stuff! -