Volunteer with us

Headstrong Nation is an empowerment-based nonprofit helping to lead the adult dyslexia movement.

We offer inspiration, information, and connections for those in the dyslexic community who are making an impact on the ground through their families, schools, and workplaces.

We are looking for three passionate dyslexia-movement-making volunteers to help grow Headstrong Nations’s Facebook account. Each volunteer will manage their own region, respectively: Pacific, Central, East Coast. We want to serve local communities more than we are currently able to and believe that having targeted volunteers will help make this happen.

[Update: We are now looking for two one volunteer for the Pacific region! East Coast & Central are filled.]

Our volunteers should be savvy with social media & assistive tech, strong communicators and, most importantly, committed to empowering dyslexics world-wide. Previous experience with social media is a must.


3-4 hours / week

(Up to you, but we imagine a few hours a week!)

What’s in it for me?

This volunteer position is ideal for someone who wants to help lead the dyslexia movement online and have an impact beyond their immediate community. It is also a great opportunity for someone looking to develop their social media skills and gain experience growing a grassroots movement. You will get valuable feedback and insights on what is happening around dyslexia on a national scale, and be able to recognize and share vital information with leaders in other parts of the country.


    • Publish regular Facebook posts (3-4/week) about dyslexia & LD-related stories, projects and events. Posts should address a variety of issues: emotional support, education, inspiration, and advice. Our posts serve a broad community: parents raising dyslexic kids, dyslexic adults in the workplace and leaders trying to make change at a policy-level.
    • Espouse the values and principles of Headstrong Nation: strengths not shame, self-advocacy, authenticity, vulnerability, and respect.
    • Create posts that are LD-friendly, which means making ample use of video, audio, and photos to get your message across. We often reach out to people through email and ask for their photo and a quote to celebrate their achievement (e.g. a child making her own dyslexia ID card to self-advocate.)
    • Highlight diverse stories from the dyslexic community, showcasing people from different backgrounds, regions, ethnicities, ages, & professions.
    • Support our partner organizations with likes, comments and shares. We are passionate supporters of Decoding Dyslexia, Eye to Eye, Learning Ally, Parents Education Network (PEN), Dyslexia Advantage, LimeConnect.
    • Be responsive to people posting questions and comments. Reply to direct messages and forward those that need attention from our team.


Send us an email and tell us a bit about yourself:

    • Why do you care about the dyslexia movement and why do you want to volunteer with Headstrong Nation?
    • What kind of commitment can you make? Don't worry if you are short on time—we are flexible.
    • Has Headstrong impacted you personally? Tell us how.
    • Please list any previous website and social media experience that you have, as well as any experience contributing to social and/or political campaigns.
    • Apply on the phone, but you have to email first and let us know. We'll set up a call.

Email: info@headstrongnation.org

Dyslexics welcome & encouraged to apply.